RIP Ed Anderson

anderson0909This is a long overdue post that I have wanted to write for a friend and mentor, Ed Anderson.

Ed Anderson completed a true thru-ride of the Pacific Crest Trail on his horses, Primo amd Neekalos. It took him 4 years to ride all 2660 miles. He began expecting to do the trail in one season but obstacles prevented him from accomplishing it. Ed persevered and was eventually able to finish the entire trail.

Ed heard I was attempting a thru-ride in 2013 and found me at The Saufley’s when I zeroed there. He was SO supportive and encouraging of my ride, and he gave me some contacts that had helped him during his ride.

I only had the pleasure of knowing Ed for a short time. He was such an amazingly kind and generous person. Ed was very involved with the PCT community and helped anyone thinking about riding on the Pacific Crest Trail. I respected and looked up to Ed because he approached the trail the same way I did. He was thoughtful and meticulous and always put the safety of his horse first. Before my ride, I had read about countless accidents on the trail where riders lost their horses. It was very refreshing to meet someone in the PCT community who was not only an accomplished equestrian but also felt that the safety of the horses was more important than any goal of a section or thru ride.

Ed passed away in the summer of 2013. I was shocked and heartbroken to hear the news. He will forever be missed.

Here is a link to his obituary: