Trail Angels

The kindness and generosity of strangers along the PCT is amazing. There are a number of people who go above and beyond to help hikers and open up their homes every year. Hikers call these people trail angels. Last year, we only had the opportunity to stay at one trail angel house, The Saufley’s. Donna and Jeff were so supportive of my ride. I couldn’t believe how amazingly generous trail angels were to hikers. At Echo Lake, we met a family who insisted on having us for dinner. They let us stay in their spare bedroom and fed us dinner and breakfast the next morning. We kept my horse in his corral in their yard. They are not regular trail angels but they were for us.

This year, I was able to stay with multiple trail angels and they were all so supportive and accommodating. In the desert, Larry and Mary Lou went out of their way to help us after we got caught in a storm. They picked us up, kept my horse at their place while I went into town to exchange my tent, and they also fed me and let me stay in their spare bedroom. Larry has been keeping the water cache at Scissors Crossing for many years. Hikers depend on this cache to make it through a very long, dry stretch of desert. I also had the pleasure of staying with Ziggy and The Bear. They have been hosting hikers at their home for 15 years. They allowed me to use their place as a base as I jumped around and rode multiple sections in that area. The Saufley’s Hiker Heaven is at mile 455 in Agua Dulce. 2014 was their 18th year hosting hikers. Donna has horses at her house and let me keep my horse in one of her paddocks. It is so wonderful to come in off the trail and have a home away from home to regroup. I also received tremendous support and encouragement from all the feed stores I stopped at along the way. Thank you to everyone!! I thoroughly appreciate all the help I received from trail angels and I know the hikers are equally appreciative of everything these angels do for them.