Rainy to Hart’s

It is 30 miles from Rainy Pass to Hart’s Pass. Hart’s Pass is 30 miles from the monument and the last road access before Canada. There are a number of significant washouts about 9 miles north of Rainy Pass. The worst one had actually eroded more and that made it safer. We got through them all no problem and with no digging required. We got to the place that claimed to have water 6 miles before the road at dark. I had brought everything to camp in case the washouts took too long and we couldn’t make it the whole way in one day. I wouldn’t have camped only 6 miles away anyway but I couldn’t find water anywhere so we had no choice but to push on. The last half mile had two large trees that Valentino had to jump. We got to the trailhead at 11pm. We were 30 miles from Canada!

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