Final Zero

The next morning I drove down to Geoff’s house and set up Valentino’s corral. I went to the local gear shop in Mazama to get a collapsible shovel. One of the washouts last year was very eroded leading up to it so I was planning to dig it out to make it safer. Then we went to the feed store. This was the same feed store we had gotten the grain shovels from last year that we used to dig out the snow to get my horse through. Katrina was so supportive and helpful. She donated leg wraps and 15 pounds of dry cob to our cause. Thank you so much Twisp Feed!

That evening Gillian called. She had made it through all her side trails and up to the highway by Ross Lake. I was disappointed that she wouldn’t get to see the monument at the Canadian Border but grad school wouldn’t wait. She was heading back to pick up her other horse in Ellensburg and then down to start on the Sierra, which she’d skipped previously. I met her in town to give her some stuff she’d stored in my trailer and I borrowed her collapsible shovel.